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Shanxi Taiyuan vigorously rectifying waste tire industry

Recently, the Shanxi provincial environmental protection department issued a circular to the city of Taiyuan, the city in 2017 to complete the city’s electronic waste, waste tires, waste plastics and other waste recycling activities rectification.
Immediately after receiving the notice, Taiyuan city plans to focus on the investigation of enterprise location, the scale of production, the main production equipment, pollution control facilities, environmental protection procedures, pollutant emissions, solid waste disposal and storage and on-site environmental remediation.
In addition, the city has also investigated the sources of electronic waste, waste tires and waste plastics to confirm the existence of illegal import of solid waste.
Waste renovation
1. to comply with industrial policies, industrial planning, environmental protection and other formalities, on-site environmental management standards, pollutant discharge standards of the enterprise, to further strengthen the supervision and guidance of the standardized production, the use of advanced production technology and facilities.
2. in accordance with industrial policies and industrial layout planning, environmental protection and other formalities, but through the underground pipe, seepage wells, pits, filling or tampering, forgery monitoring data, not the normal operation of pollution control facilities, illegal discharge of pollutants, illegal discharge, dumping and disposal of hazardous waste and involved in illegal import of solid waste of the enterprise, be severely punished according to law.
3. for environmental protection and other procedures are not complete, does not conform to the industrial policy and industrial layout planning, pollutant emission standards and governance hopeless enterprise, included in the “scattered pollution” enterprise list, according to the requirements are the “two three” (i.e., the removal of raw materials, water, power, clean product removal facilities), resolutely ban.

Shandong Dongying city announced the list of local Rubber Companies

In July 10th, the Dongying municipal government in Shandong province chemical industry transformation and upgrading of production safety special action work plan and the city of Dongying chemical industry safety production to tackle governance emergency action work requirements, after investigation Mopai, the chemical industry (production, storage, use, operation, transportation) announcement to the list of enterprises (including rubber enterprise portal 77).
Shandong Province as a big province of our country tire every quarter, export amount will reach over a hundred million yuan, accounting for about 1/3 of total exports, as Shandong Province tire enterprises concentrated city, Dongying occupies a large part of the tire industry market in Shandong province.

Discussion on innovation technology of Guangrao international rubber tire assembly

The president, Chinese Enterprise Evaluation Association of former deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center Hou Yunchun made “the current economic situation and development prospect of” Chinese keynote; China petroleum and Chemical Industry Association vice president Fu Xiangsheng made a “petrochemical industry” 13th Five-Year “start” the topic and trend analysis; chief scientist Zhang Liqun Dean, School of materials science Beijing University of Chemical Technology, director of engineering and advanced elastomer materials research center of the national 973 project “has made new progress” Research on high performance tire rubber materials on the topic of International Department; Beijing Jincheng Tongda law firm senior partner Yang Chen made “Chinese card bus tires on both sides and in favor of the legal environment facing the theme” speech; vice president of Beijing Sinopec Chemical Research Institute of Sinopec and the synthetic rubber company Liang Aimin, deputy head of the preparatory group “The general trend of the world development and the present situation of synthetic rubber industry Chinese” on the topic; College of polymer science and engineering Qingdao University of Science & Technology Dean were made into “wet in situ composite silicon rubber material preparation and properties” keynote speech; Professor and doctoral tutor of South China University of Technology Guo Baochun made “properties of composite materials and rubber” modified white carbon black in-situ keynote; Dr. LouisLin ExxonMobile as the “product development plan” Mobil Exxon tire keynote; Tongcheng chemical Dr. Dong Dong made the “application” function of resin in rubber tyre on the topic; chief researcher of British tire industry research company DavidShaw the status of “China tire industry in the world. A Western perspective” keynote speech; Japan Asahi Kasei Corporation synthetic rubber technology department is responsible for People have made a “suitable for filling, rolling resistance and high wear resistant ECO tire functional SSBR design and characteristics of” keynote speech; Deputy General Manager of Goodyear Asia Pacific product development DavidZanzig as “the latest development of tire technology and future trends” keynote speech etc..

The tyre industry needs “four wheel drive” to go out”

As a large province of tire industry tire industry, Shandong province took the lead in the “The Belt and Road market layout, international development has achieved remarkable results. Up to now, a total of 10 tire enterprises have set up factories overseas, and Shandong has 8 exclusive ones. Sailun Jinyu tire factory in Vietnam, the factory Linglong group in Thailand, Sen kylin tire have been completed and put into production; DoubleStar tire in Kazakhstan, Ogre in Indonesia, Qingdao, Pu Lin Fulin tire tire in Malaysia, Qingdao Sen tire factory kylin in the United States is promoting the construction of. With the expanding production scale, to further improve the level of technology, the future will have more Shandong tire enterprises to go abroad, to The Belt and Road “market as the main destination, go on a new journey of internationalization development.
Although the future is worth looking forward to, but the current Shandong tire industry in the “The Belt and Road” the layout of the market development there are still some problems, international development will not Everything is going smoothly. If we really want to use “The Belt and Road construction to achieve better development, Shandong tire industry still need to cope with the new challenges:
Low quality overcapacity, the product structure still needs to be optimized. Shandong tire industry presents structural surplus, low end product market saturation, middle end product production and marketing exuberant, high-end products in short supply. Shandong tire products 65% for the low-end products, low price competition, resulting in lower tire prices. Such products, in the “The Belt and Road” market is difficult to have a long life, pay close attention to the development of high-end product structure adjustment, is the inevitable choice.

2017 1-5 months, hose tape main downstream industry briefing

In 2017 May, the industrial added value above designated size increased by 6.5% year on year (the growth rate of the following value added is the actual growth rate after deducting price factors), unchanged from April. From the chain point of view, in May, above scale industrial added value increased by 0.51% over last month. 1-5 months, above scale industrial added value grew by 6.7%.
The following data extracts the economic performance of the major downstream industries associated with the hose tape industry in 2017 1-5:
Hose tape
Watch industry, May, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry decreased by 1.9%, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry increased 2.2%, general equipment manufacturing industry grew 11.5%, 10.3% growth in the automotive industry, railway, marine, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing industry increased by 6.1%, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry increased by 10.7%, electricity and heat. The production and supply industry growth of 6.1%.
In different regions, in May, the added value of the eastern region grew by 6.5%, the central region increased by 8.2%, the western region increased by 8%, and the northeast region grew by 1.1%.
In terms of products, in May, 95 million 780 thousand tons of steel, down 1.9%; 228 million 460 thousand tons of cement, up 0.5%; ten kinds of nonferrous metals 4 million 580 thousand tons, an increase of 2.4%; 2 million 182 thousand cars, an increase of 4.1%; 855 thousand cars, down 5.8%; generating capacity of 494 billion 700 million kwh, an increase of 5%; crude oil processing capacity of 46 million 620 thousand tons, up 5.4%.

8 large enterprises in the tube industry summit reached consensus

From 16 to May 18, sponsored by the Chinese Rubber Industry Association Branch of the twelfth session of the China hose tape tube with large enterprises industry summit, around the major hot issues currently facing the industry of environmental protection, regulate market order, to the downstream market changes, combined with the actual situation of the participating entrepreneurs since the enterprise has been seriously discussed, and reached 8 consensus.
First, environmental protection has become a key factor in the survival and fate of enterprises. Hose tape enterprises to fully understand the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of great significance and urgency of action, enterprises need to implement environmental protection and emission reduction of VOCs new technology, establish and approaches of solving the third party cooperation mechanism.
Two is to do a good job of industry group standards (China National Rubber Industry Association standard) project, drafting, formulation and management. The development of group standard work is an important way and an effective tool to improve the competitiveness of rubber hose, adhesive tape industry and enterprises.
The three is matched with the “Convention” Chinese hose tape industry self-discipline “rubber hose and belt industry intellectual property protection standards (Draft)” self-discipline “, is to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and self-discipline system, to encourage enterprises to actively innovation, leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry is of great significance to technological innovation.
Four is to change ideas, and actively change “manufacturing” as “Zhi made””. Hose belt industry must seek intelligent transformation, green development and structural optimization, which related to the industry can adapt to the new normal economic development.
Five is firmly guard against capital risk, avoid enterprise capital strand breaks phenomenon. The smooth flow of funds is essential to the healthy development of enterprises. The rubber belt enterprises should implement a scientific and standardized way of settlement, and take effective measures to avoid the fatal risks to the enterprises because of the breakage of the chain of funds.

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